Environment - Wood a Natural Choice 

Timber is envonmentally friendly with a great carbon story to tell.  Carbon is stored whilst the tree is growing for over 40 years, then again whilst the sawn product is used during its lifetime and finally again when the timber, at the end of its useful end product life, is recycled for wood fibre.


Every part of the timber has a value with nothing wasted, which again is good for the environment.  When a log is processed at our sawmill we produce as much sawn product as possible, and the balance of the log produces our co products, Bark, Chips and Sawdust.

Our Bark


This is produced when the logs are stripped of bark before entering our sawmill.  This product is for horticultural use, landscaping, mulching etc.

Our Chips


This is produced when all sawn product has been taken from the log and the remaining wood fibre is then chipped into small pieces.  These pieces are used by the panel board industries to make products such as chipboard and MDF. These sheets are used in the manufacturing and building sectors.

Our Sawdust


This is produced during the sawing of our timber.  The sawdust is used for agricultural animal bedding and is also used in the manufacture of panel board and wood pellets.

Therefore timber really is good for the environment with so many uses, a value at every stage of its life, it really is the natural choice.

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